New Friends, Great Times and Lots of Fun! New Residents Share Their Stories of Moving to Paul’s Run

September 13, 2021

A couple sits on a couch at Paul's Run Retirement Community in northeast Philadelphia.At Paul’s Run, there’s a friend around every corner. Residents look forward to meeting new people and expanding their horizons as they enjoy a fulfilling retirement. For new residents, it’s exciting to discover all that this community has to offer as they enjoy a friendly welcome from their neighbors.

Resident, Samuel, who moved to Paul’s Run in July, says he is incredibly happy to call this community home. “Before coming to Paul’s Run, I was living in a condo by myself. The only thing that was keeping me company was my cat. I had lost two wives and I was alone,” Samuel shares. While living alone in his condo, Samuel broke his hip and went to Paul’s Run for rehabilitation. “The rehabilitation team members were very nice, and they took really good care of me,” he says.

In fact, that wasn’t the first time Samuel was introduced to the friendly people of Paul’s Run. He used to visit his friend and resident of Paul’s Run, Arnie. “I used to come see Arnie two to three times a week here. We liked to spend time together outside on the patio. He is a very good friend of mine and has been for years,” Samuel reflects. Familiar with the community, Samuel knew that Paul’s Run Rehabilitation would help him get back on his feet after breaking his hip. During his rehabilitation stay, Samuel’s daughters had been searching for communities that would give their father a happy and fulfilling retirement.

“My daughters looked at several communities and they liked Paul’s Run the best. I live in a studio apartment and I love it. I love that I have a patio with my apartment because I like to sit in the sun when it’s nice out,” Samuel says.

I love living at Paul’s Run. Before, I was all alone in my condo. I’m not alone at Paul’s Run. I’ve made many friends here and I love my studio apartment and patio. The housekeepers keep it clean for me and I like eating dinner with friends in the dining room. I am very happy here.

Samuel, resident at Paul’s Run

As Samuel continues to make new friends, he especially enjoys how the community’s wide variety of activities keep him busy. “I like to play pinochle here. We have a group of guys and we’re looking for two new players,” he notes. Stanley also enjoys the food, especially the friendly servers. “The food they serve is great and the waiters and waitresses at dinner are so nice. Many of them are students and it’s nice to talk with them,” Samuel reflects.

Samuel used to be a crossing guard at a local elementary school and the student servers at Paul’s Run bring back great memories. “Some of the students I used to be a crossing guard for stay in touch with me at Paul’s Run. Their parents reach out to me, and many of the kids are already teenagers. It’s nice to stay in touch with them,” he expresses. Enjoying the company of friends and neighbors, Samuel is incredibly happy that he chose to move to this beautiful community.

Meet Paul’s Run Resident, Dolores!

Resident at Paul’s Run, Dolores, who moved to the community in February also feels comfort in having friendly neighbors and team members nearby. “I was living in another community before moving to Paul’s Run and I am much happier here. The people at Paul’s Run are just so friendly, both residents and team members. I can’t say that about the place I was living before,” Dolores notes.

Prior to moving to Paul’s Run, Dolores was living in Baltimore, a far distance from her daughter and son. “My kids live around the Philadelphia region, and it became quite a problem going back and forth from Baltimore to Philadelphia. I wanted to be closer to my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren,” she says. Dolores’s daughter began searching for retirement communities around Philadelphia, and favored Paul’s Run above all others.

Paul’s Run is so upbeat. Everyone here is very friendly. I enjoy the people and have met so many residents since moving in. I’m very happy with my studio apartment, and the team members here do everything they can to make you happy.

Dolores, resident at Paul’s Run

“The team members at Paul’s Run are just so much friendlier compared to the community I was living before. At Paul’s Run, you can tell the team really cares about the residents who live here and they become like friends. I love to kid around with the team members because they know me and I’m comfortable with them,” Dolores laughs.

Dolores says she is definitely a people person, and that meeting new friends has given her great joy. “I sit with friends at dinner and they’re amazing. It’s nice to meet so many different people and even learn many new cultures of all the residents. Plus the food is wonderful. I am just very happy here,” she affirms. Dolores’s children are also thrilled that their mom is happy in her new studio apartment, and they feel great comfort in knowing that she has access to the highest quality of care and service.

Filled with happiness, new friends, and worry-free living, Dolores, Samuel, and many other new residents are thrilled to call Paul’s Run home.

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