Incorporated by Lutheran Retirement Homes, Inc., the Paul’s Run mission is to provide living accommodations, medical services and health care, with hospitalization as needed, all on a lifetime basis and at the lowest feasible cost.

In 1981, Paul’s Run Retirement Community opened its doors to our first four buildings which today are residences for Independent Living, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing residents and patients needing short-term rehabilitation.

The first decade of Paul’s Run history was marked by changes and re-organizational structuring as our community grew. In 1995, a five year renovation plan was drafted. These renovations included the creation of a Personal Care Unit on the 3rd and 4th floors of B Building, and dining and activity areas and the relocation of the Medical Suite to the 1st floor of D Building.

Additional construction included that of a resident service beauty salon, bank, general store, library, Physical Therapy Department, Classroom, Hobby Room, new office areas, employee cafeteria, service hallway, carport columns, additional parking, new lounge, auditorium, chapel, exercise room and greenhouse. In 2001, Paul’s Run became affiliated with Liberty Lutheran Services. Two years later, in 2003, a Nursing Home Designated Rehab Unit and a Wellness Program were created.

Today, Paul’s Run is a bustling and busy community, rich in history despite our relatively short tenure of operation. We are proud of all that we have accomplished and continue to provide our residents with the best living environment where their individual needs are understood and met. At Paul’s Run, residents Live Life to the Fullest everyday!

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