CRNP at Paul’s Run Shares Her 30+ Years of Healthcare Experience and the Benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

October 18, 2021

Medical staff converse at Paul's RunCertified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) at Paul’s Run, Bernadette Ciarciello, has over 30 years of healthcare experience. Caring for several populations throughout the years, her passion for working with older adults has always been at the forefront of her career. “I began working with the older adult population when I was 19 years old. I was a Certified Nursing Assistant at a local retirement community and I just loved it there. That’s when I really discovered that I enjoyed this kind of work,” Bernadette recalls.

Bernadette then earned her Bachelor’s degree and began working in a local hospital as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a surgical unit. While working there, she also instructed nursing students in pursuit of their RN certifications. “I did that for about seven to eight years and then went back to school to earn my CRNP certification,” she explains. After becoming a CRNP, Bernadette worked in various settings including hospitals, geriatrics, and primary care. “I always loved the geriatric setting, and for the past five years, that’s where I’ve mainly been,” she notes.

Not actively looking for additional career opportunities, Bernadette discovered that Paul’s Run was hiring a CRNP. “I worked with Dr. Pitsch, the Medical Director at Paul’s Run, in previous settings,” Bernadette explains. “And it was brought to my attention that the community was hiring. I figured I’d go in for the interview just to see how it would go, and when I pulled up to the community I was blown away. This place is absolutely beautiful,” she affirms. “I loved it the second I walked in,” she adds.

My first impression of Paul’s Run was unbelievable. The community is beautiful and the residents and team members are so friendly and happy. The first time I came here, there were residents outside on the porch, smiling and spending time together on a beautiful day. It was just really nice to see.

CRNP at Paul’s Run, Bernadette Ciarciello

As a CRNP at Paul’s Run, Bernadette uplifts the health and well-being of residents across all levels of care. “My role serves as a provider of comprehensive medical needs. Whether residents need therapy, psycho-social support, medical services, or diagnostic testing, we meet all of their needs within the community,” she notes.

Caring for residents in independent living, skilled nursing, and personal care, Bernadette understands the benefits of having convenient access to comprehensive care for residents throughout their later years.

The continuum of care that we offer at Paul’s Run is a huge benefit to residents and families. If residents need to transition to higher levels of care, they can do so without leaving the community they know as home. They have all of their care in one place with the doctors and nurses they trust, and the friends they know nearby.

CRNP at Paul’s Run, Bernadette Ciarciello

With a large range of medical services, residents at Paul’s Run have access to primary care, optometry, podiatry, dermatology, psychiatry, social work, medicine, rehabilitation, and dentistry within the community’s in-house medical and wellness center. “Everything residents need is here, no matter what level of care you’re in,” Bernadette describes. While providing the highest quality of care to residents at Paul’s Run, the medical team’s ultimate goal is to help residents lead fulfilling lifestyles with happiness and health.

“What our team truly enjoys is making a positive impact on residents’ lives in every possibly way that we can. It’s great to build relationships with them, and listen to their stories. The residents at Paul’s Run are just great people,” Bernadette reflects.

“Not only are the residents wonderful people, but our team members are fantastic. Everyone supports each other here to provide the best experience for our residents and it’s a really nice environment,” she adds. “There truly is a feeling of family here.”