Bob the Mover Helps Couple Artfully Downsize and Relocate at Paul’s Run

September 15, 2022

The front of Paul's Run Retirement CommunityIn 2021, after living and raising a family in Northeast Philadelphia for many years, Sid and Natalie L. realized it was time to think about downsizing and relocating from a larger home to a more manageable space, with their beloved dog, “Baby.” They looked at a number of retirement communities, and found that they most liked the Paul’s Run retirement community in Northeast Philadelphia.

Creating an Artful Home

Sid is a very creative man who worked as an Art Director for Colonial Penn Insurance Company in Philadelphia, PA, for the better part of his professional career. In his free time, especially after his retirement, he enjoyed designing and creating custom painted furniture that the couple continues to enjoy living with in their home. Sid mentions, “My initial concern about relocating was that I didn’t want to have to give up any of my customized, handmade furniture when Natalie and I downsized.”

According to Sid, his worries about moving were minimized because “Paul’s Run offers Downsizing and Relocation Services with a talented gentleman named Bob the Mover. Bob is a professional partner to Paul’s Run, as he has helped many local people figure out what possessions will fit into their new living spaces at Paul’s Run. He was very helpful to us in determining what furniture of ours would fit into our new, well designed two bedroom apartment.”

Since Sid is an artist, as well as furniture maker, the Linskys also have a large art collection. “We were given a floor plan for our new place, and Bob met with us to see what we wanted to move. We measured all the furniture and artwork, and I sketched out how I thought it would fit into the apartment. We discussed what pieces we could actually bring with us to the new home. We are very happy that we were able to bring two large handmade pieces of furniture for our living room and many of our paintings to hang throughout the apartment, in addition to our other belongings.”

Enjoy Fun, Friendship, and Community at Paul’s Run

Ever since they have settled into their apartment in December, 2021, the Linskys have enjoyed life at Paul’s Run, not only because they are surrounded by their favorite possessions, but because they have developed new friendships with others residents in the community. “The socialization opportunities have been wonderful for Natalie, because she enjoys getting out and talking to people at mealtime, and at the many different events and programs offered. We really appreciate the new lifestyle opportunities afforded by living here. Not having to maintain a home on our own, nor having to do all the cooking and cleaning also makes life much easier,” Sid concludes.

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