Regaining Health, Vitality and Independence at Paul’s Run

September 13, 2023

Last fall, retired Philadelphia Police Officer, Gerry, experienced a medical emergency. That day, at Jefferson’s Emergency Room downtown, he was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, which required immediate surgery.

“While recovering, I could not eat or talk, since I had a feeding tube. I alternated staying with my two daughters, both of whom are successful career women,” he says. “But, I required more medical attention than my daughters could provide due to their work related travel schedules,” he explains.

They all decided that Gerry’s health might improve if he moved to a community where he could get the kind of personal care attention he needed.

Gaining Strength Through Paul’s Run Personal Care

Gerry sits with Pastor Michelle on a bench in Paul's Run Retirement Community in northeast Philadelphia.

In April, 2023, he moved into Personal Care at Paul’s Run, a retirement community in northeast Philadelphia, PA, where he received four nursing visits a day, regular check-ins by other supportive team members and all his meals prepared for him. “I was weak and tired but I started working with the physical therapist who helped me gain strength and mobility, and the speech therapist taught me how to use my tongue to form words,” he adds.

Initially, he kept to himself, eating breakfast in his room. “Once my speech improved, I started spending time at lunch and dinner with my neighbors. That was nice because at home, I was alone, since my daughters were working, traveling, or busy with their lives.”

Gerry Moves to Independent Living

After three months in Personal Care, Gerry’s strength improved so much that in August, he moved to Independent Living at Paul’s Run. “That means I have my independence back and I even am able to drive again. I am happy to be able to that now,” he claims.

While Gerry sits in the lobby at Paul’s Run telling his story, residents and team members walk by and waive, saying, “Hey Gerry, how are you doing today?” He waves back, greeting each by name. “It’s nice to be part of the community,” he says.