Meet The Team! Wellness Coach Matt Strengthens an Active Community at Paul’s Run

May 25, 2022

Paul’s RunMatt, Fitness Director, demonstrates a strength-training exercise. demonstrates its commitment to creating dynamic community living with a new wellness and fitness coach, Matthew Schoell. His career spans over twenty-five years in the fitness industry; with his professional background specializing in senior fitness, he provides one-on-one training and group classes. “My goal is to create a culture of activity. When I first arrived, I found many residents needed help with strength training and balance, two very important features for mobility, fall prevention and overall quality of life.”

Matt previously had his own business, focusing on senior fitness, where he consulted for and ran programs with senior centers in the Philadelphia area before coming to Paul’s Run. He also worked as a fitness manager and in personal training with a Philadelphia, PA fitness center called AFC Fitness. However, he quickly realized that he preferred working with seniors and teaching classes. “It is very rewarding to see someone build energy, strength and balance to be able to do the activities they enjoy,” asserts Matt.

When asked how he joined the Paul’s Run team, he explained, “I reconnected with Jen Anderson last year on social media. She is the Director of Sales and Marketing here, and we had met one another about sixteen years ago when I was training her Mother. Shortly after meeting, Jen started training with me before she got married.” Elaborating, he explains, “When Jen heard the wellness position was opening up, she suggested I send my resume to her. I was hired and started last December. It really was wonderful to reconnect with Jen, not only to resume our friendship but to have the opportunity to work with the residents at Paul’s Run.”

According to Matt, making solid connections in one-on-one training sessions and classes at Paul’s Run keeps residents coming back to work out and exercise. “If someone misses a class, and I run into them getting lunch in the Bistro or walking down the hall, they apologize for being absent and want to assure me that they will be there next time. The residents are committed to improving their health and strength.”

To make classes even more stimulating, Matt adds, “I incorporate music into the exercise routines to help set the mood and rhythm. During the circuit training class, I alternate exercises between the upper body, lower body, and core. Doing this allows one muscle group to rest while another is working.” Matt strives to personally get to know each resident who attends classes and trains individually so that he can tailor exercise programs that will maximize their efforts. Many residents have also watched work out videos on Channel 97, the in-house channel here, so that they could exercise on their own in their apartment homes.” One of Matt’s goals this year is to expand the exercise programming on channel 97.

Angie, a resident in one of Matt’s classes, concurs. “Though I’m tired right after class,” she says, “I’m also rejuvenated. I feel better overall, and I sleep better.”

Paul’s Run offers residents opportunities to make optimal choices to do what creates joy. For example, Matt encourages residents to enjoy the outdoor garden lined walking paths in warmer weather. “With exercise signage in place, residents can participate in classes outside, or they can expand benefits from their independent walks by following the exercises on the signs. Movements are indicated to maximize the impact of the walk,” says Matt. Many people have been inside for a long time this winter, but now is the perfect time to get outside and breathe fresh air and enjoy a walking exercise.

Recently, Matt has observed Drum classes at another Liberty Lutheran property, The Village at Penn State, looking ahead to future goals for Paul’s Run exercise classes. There, drumming has provided another new way for seniors to get fit. “We keep working to innovate fresh programs to help residents build strength and stamina to realize their personal goals of staying fit.”

Matt’s friendly, caring support helps residents achieve personal goals of building strength, stamina, balance, and fun with friends and family.

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