Give the Gift of Fulfillment and Joy! Paul’s Run Director of Health Services Makes Residents’ Lives Rewarding and Fun

July 9, 2021

Dolores poses with team members at Paul's Run.Where would we be without the friends and neighbors who care for us each day? At Paul’s Run, there is a friend and neighbor around every corner, and while this past year has been especially challenging for our community, our spirit of camaraderie remains strong.

Despite all of the obstacles we’ve faced, our outstanding team members continue to go above and beyond to create meaningful moments for the people who call Paul’s Run home. Our Director of Health Services, Dolores Redner, is one such team member who develops special connections with each of our residents, ensuring them fulfillment, happiness, and good health.

“I’ve worked with older adults for so many years,” Dolores shares. “I really just want to make their lives rewarding and help them feel good each day. I want them to be as happy as they can be at this time in their life.”

Dolores began her journey with Paul’s Run as Director of Health Services in October of 2013. “My first impression of the community was how welcoming the people are. The residents, my team members, everyone is so friendly,” she says.

Originally from Northeast Philadelphia, Dolores adds, “I grew up here so I’m very familiar with the area and know a lot of people who live in this neighborhood. When I began working at Paul’s Run it was kind of like coming home for me.”

Uplifting the well-being and health of residents across all levels of care, Dolores wears many hats throughout her day. She treasures the opportunities to create lasting connections with residents and families. “I enjoy building relationships. Whether it’s with residents and their families, or the collaboration with my team members. We’re all friends here. Paul’s Run is like one big family.”

As Dolores ensures the highest quality of care at Paul’s Run, she feels great reward in the little moments that make a big difference in residents’ lives. “Sometimes I find the smallest things to be most rewarding. Something as simple as making sure a resident can get their hair done at the beauty parlor, or have their nails painted, or even just getting them their favorite dessert. Those little things have the ability to make residents happy and that’s important to me,” she reflects.

Thanks to outstanding team members like Dolores, each day our residents find warmth and love in the care they receive. Even through this challenging year, the Paul’s Run team ensured fulfillment, joy, and friendship for the people of our community.

When you support the Paul’s Run Fellowship Fund, you provide meaningful experiences for our residents and ensure that those who outlive their financial assets will always have a happy home within our community.

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